Is Ireland still no country for young people?

This article originally appeared on IrishTimes.com on 29th December 2018.

In the year up to April 2018, 12,500 people aged 15-24 left Ireland. The figure stands in stark contrast with the numbers who emigrated at the peak of the recession. Between April 2011-2012, 35,800 in the same age group emigrated in the face of an uncertain future in Ireland.

While emigration has slowed dramatically, the recent figures – published by the Central Statistics Office in September – show that young people are still choosing to leave Ireland, despite economic recovery. While some choose to leave for adventure and to see the world, others are going for a better quality of life, better work contracts and cheaper and more accessible housing.

A survey of students released in October by Grad Ireland indicates that, despite strong improvements in the Irish jobs market, many students still feel that their opportunities are limited. Thirty-five per cent of respondents believed it would be hard to get a good job after graduation, which could be influencing some young people to emigrate in the hope of finding better career opportunities abroad.

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