PinkNews: LGBT choir sings ‘We Are Family’ outside venue to protest queer exclusion

I had the privilege of interviewing Ursula Halligan recently for a PinkNews story about a singing protest that took place outside Dublin’s World Meeting of Families. The Catholic event came under fire for its exclusion of LGBT+ people. In response, Halligan and other Irish activists arranged for a group of LGBT+ singers to perform “Something Inside So Strong” and “We Are Family” outside the venue. 

Here is the story: 

An LGBT+ choir has staged a protest outside the Catholic World Meeting of Families, where they sang “We Are Family” and “Something Inside So Strong” in response to the exclusion of LGBT+ people from the event.

The idea for the protest came from Irish journalist Ursula Halligan, who is a Catholic and a member of a group called We Are Church. The organisation advocates for the full equality of women and LGBT+ people within the Catholic Church.

Read the rest of the story on PinkNews. 

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