Inside Ireland’s first and only gender balanced festival

You may not have heard of Ireland’s newest festival, but one day, it could be remembered as the first of its kind.

The Folly is set to become Ireland’s first festival created with a specific mission to feature equal numbers of women and men on its line-up.

It is difficult to know if the festival, which takes place in Cullahill, Co Laois, on 21st and 22nd July, is the first time a festival has had an equal billing in Ireland. However, it certainly looks to be the first time a festival has been launched with a specific mission to have the same numbers of men and women.

The idea came about when the local community council was in the early stages of planning a festival for the area. It was at that point that they became aware of the conversation that was brewing – both nationally and globally – about the need for more opportunities for women in the arts…

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